Upcoming Northampton Events


18th Jan, 8th Feb, 7th Mar, 18th Apr, 27th Jun, 11th Jul, 15th Aug, 19th Sep, 17th Oct, 14th Nov, 12th Dec 2020
Tai Chi Monthly Meet Ups by Sifu Nick Cheang

Working with and exploring internal energy. Taking skills, knowledge and understanding of internal energy ('chi') further. These monthly Saturday classes are accessible to all. Beginners to advanced welcome. 


Cost: £20   Time: 10am - 1pm Tai Chi Class

Cost: £14   Time    2pm - 4pm Tai Chi Push Hands

For more info or to book, please contact Nick on 0798474712, email nick@masterdingacademy.com

31st January - 3rd February 2020
Residential Meditation Retreat 
Courage, Compassion & Connection
led by Rachael Cheang & Anna Gillions

This residential retreat is for anyone wanting to explore what it takes to be open and present with the heart, to open to our own suffering and vulnerability and to be able to connect with others with confidence and authenticity.

Details of venue and price to follow soon.


For more info or to resister your interest, please contact Rachael on 07949248892, email rachael@deeperbeing.com.

Sat 2nd - Sun 3rd May 2020
Master John Ding and Master Alan Ding visit Northampton!!!
The last visit by Masters John and Alan Ding was very successful! They're returning to give us more! If you have ever been curious to know how far a Tai Chi practitioner can go, or to just experience what a high level mastery of internal energy feels like, this is for you. You will learn and experience more than I can adequately describe in words. People travel from around the world to find Master John Ding. All are welcome. Truly not to be missed. You can do one or two days of training. To receive information about this open event email me, Nick Cheang at nick@masterdingacademy.com or call me on 07984748712.
14th Mar, 6th Jun, 12th Sept, 5th Dec 2020
Awakening the Heart - The 4 Limitless Qualities Meditation Workshops
led by Rachael Cheang

This series of 4 workshops will look deeply at how we can train in the 4 limitless qualities to awaken the enlightened heart - Bodhicitta. They can be approached as a whole course or individually.


The first on the 14th March 2020 - Loving Kindness

This practice touches the tenderness of our heart, the experience of love and happiness, which lies within all of us. This training is about opening to both giving and receiving love to ourselves and others.


The second on the 6th June 2020 - Compassion

This practice opens us up to the rawness of our world, contacting our own and others’ suffering and developing the resilience and capacity necessary to embrace and hold space for it. This allows us to be fully present with ourselves and others through difficult circumstances.


The third on the 12th September 2020 - Joy

This practice awakens our sense of gratitude and appreciation of the world. It develops a lightness with life and a wish to share with others.


The fourth on the 5th December 2020 - Equanimity

This practice trains the non-judgemental mind, allowing us to move beyond prejudice into an open space. It develops our capacity to hold all mind states equally, freeing us from dualistic thinking.


These interactive workshops include the use of simple meditation, contemplation and visualisation techniques to explore in-depth the practices of the four immeasurables.


Refreshments and a simple vegetarian lunch will be provided during all workshops. Please let us know on booking if you have any specific dietary requirements.


Cost: £45 each (or all 4 for £160 if booked in advance)    Time: 10am - 4pm

For more info or to book, please contact Rachael on 07949248892, email rachael@deeperbeing.com.

Past Northampton Events
Sat 10th - Sun 11th Aug 2019
Master John Ding and Master Alan Ding visit Northampton!!!

Sat 11th May 2019 - 12noon - 1pm
Northampton Moment of Mass Mindfulness led by Rachael Cheang

This international event (MOMM) takes place in cities all over the UK. This year is the first time it is taking place in Northampton and Rachael has been asked to lead it.

Taking place at the Umbrella Fair Organisation at The Racecourse Pavilion this is a free public event. 

The meditation will be guided and no meditation experience is necessary. This event is part of a national initiative to bring the benefits of mindfulness to the masses.

An hour of community mindfulness will happen between 12 - 1pm, last entry to the event will be 11:50 am so that the group can prepare for the hours mindfulness. We are hoping for good weather, if so the session will be held in the Umbrella Fair Pavilion garden.

Moments of Mass Mindfulness(MOMM) is a meditation movement for everyone. They are raising awareness of, and co-creating in community, a model that fully embraces the true definition of health as both an Art and a Science. At the heart of it all, they are focused on building community, connection, collaboration and to enhance personal wellbeing.

Imagine if mindfulness and meditation was a regular part of daily life in society. If every person was able to slow down, and connect with their calmer, essential self and find balance, it’s likely feelings of negative self-talk and aggression would disappear. Mindfulness is a strategy for directing yourself away from these self-incriminating thoughts and limiting beliefs. It’s a meditative practice of paying attention to your body, mind, and surroundings in a non-judgmental manner.


For more info please contact Rachael on 07949248892, email rachael@deeperbeing.com or visit the MOMM Northampton facebook page.

Rachael teaching Meditation in Northampton
Master John Ding visits Northampton
Tai Chi Northampton
Meditation Northampton
Tai Chi Northampton
Meditation Northampton
Tai Chi Northampton
Meditation and Creative Art workshop with Honorata and Rachael
Tai Chi Northampton
Tai Chi Northampton
Eating on Meditation retreat in Cornwall
Master John Ding in Northampton
Meditation retreat in Cornwall
Master John Ding workshop in Northampton 2019
Nick teaching Tai Chi in Cornwall
Tai Chi Duston, Northampton