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Tai Chi Massage Therapy


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Tai Chi Massage Northampton

Sessions are normally around an hour long and are based on applying authentic Tai Chi Chuan concepts, principles and understanding of chi (internal energy) to massage and healing therapies. Treatments encourage changes in your mind/body system that support your objectives, whatever they are: moving on from injury, release of tension and strain, preparing for change, letting go, energising, relief from disorders, pain reduction, making life decisions, self development etc.


Try to avoid eating just before a session. Treatment is done fully clothed and is a unique dynamic interaction where clients are encouraged

to take an active role in guiding the session. If you can, try to rest or take it easy after treatment to allow the changes to work their way through your system and be aware that changes may continue for a while afterwards.


On your first appointment please allow some extra time to complete a medical questionnaire and sign a declaration. It would be helpful if you could mention any current medical conditions you may have prior to booking an appointment. Some medical conditions may mean we would want a note from your Doctor before treatment. Having said that, there is generally a way to work around most conditions using different approaches that will still create positive effects. It is more about having an informed and sensible awareness.


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The Tai Chi model of health

Tai Chi Massage Northampton

The model of health that I use for Tai Chi Massage/Therapy is the same one that has been built in me through training the martial art of Tai Chi Chuan under my teacher Master John Ding. Because I have a natural interest in massage and different therapy skills, what I know from Tai Chi Chuan has automatically combined with what I know of therapy. When you study Tai Chi Chuan it permeates all aspects of your life. So it made sense to call what I do Tai Chi Massage.

Tai Chi Chuan builds a strong, robust body based on relaxed, strong internal energy flow. The mind and body become calmer, more solid and relaxed. At the same time you become more open and able to feel

and listen to the deeper aspects of yourself and others. Through these trained abiltities adept Tai Chi Chuan practitioners develop a strong idea of what qualities a healthy mind and body have.


Within Tai Chi Chuan we notice that the clearer our minds and bodies become and the stronger and more consistent our energy flow becomes, the healthier we become. From this position it becomes easier to repair and return to health following illness and injury whether physical or mental. After some time, if we are interested in it, we also notice that we can sense what is out of balance in other people's systems and what we can do to help their system be more whole, just like a Tai Chi Chuan practitioner's.


It could be through massage, encouragement of different energy (chi) flows, suggestions of unique tailored exercises or stretches, talking and pointing out different ways of looking at problems etc etc. The Tai Chi Therapy model doesn't limit itself. It is only limited by the understanding and experience of the practitioner. In this way, just like Tai Chi Chuan, there is no end to learning and improving.

Tai Chi Massage Northampton
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