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Master Ding

Master Ding Academy Midlands
Tai Chi Northampton & Birmingham

Welcome to the Midlands branch of the international Master Ding Academy founded by Master John Ding, 6th Generation Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage. Tai Chi Northampton, Birmingham and beyond.

Nick Cheang Tai Chi Northampton
Aims of the Academy 
  • To further the development and transmission of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, while preserving the complete ancient Chinese art

  • To inspire and empower everyone who wants to experience the extraordinary benefits to health and wellbeing through our classes and courses

Master Ding doing Tai Chi Diagonal Flying Posture

The MDA syllabus covers the whole Traditional Yang Style system under certified instructors personally trained by our Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage holders, Master John Ding and Master Alan Ding. This includes all aspects of developing and understanding internal energy, character development, meditation, Forms, Weapons, Partner Training, Tai Chi for Health and Self Defence / Martial Arts applications.

Nick Cheang

Tai Chi Principles

At Tai Chi Midlands, our emphasis is on teaching and demonstrating the concepts and principles at the core of the internal art. Training regularly harmonises mind, body and spirit – whether you practise for health, meditation, self-healing, fitness, self-defence or all of these

Join a Class Today

Tai Chi practitioners discover through doing, so contact us and try the next available class. Pay as you go is £12 for a 1.5hr session. Cash or online payment. No commitment required.

Yang Style Tai Chi Lineage Chart
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