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Tai Chi Massage Therapy


"I highly recommend Sifu Cheang's Tai Chi Massage. My mum was suffering from a very painful back during one of her visits and after several trips to the doctors she was still spending days lying on the couch in pain. I asked Sifu Cheang if he could help. Mum had the Tai Chi massage and said she felt as if she had been reborn when she got off the table after the massage. Her pain was all gone! Thanks Sifu Cheang, we will be back. xxx".

 - Andrea Krudy, St Crispin's, Northampton

 "I have been to Nick on several occasions for painful neck, shoulder and hip pain. I feel he has an intuitive sense of how to manipulate the body in order to help ease pain and tension. He uses calm, strong touch to help the body to relax and the energy to flow more freely through it. I don't know how it works but I know it does work and I have left feeling refreshed, de-knotted and in much less pain every time. I would recommend Nick wholeheartedly".

 - Lottie Blunden, Abington, Northampton.


"After fracturing my shoulder two years ago, I never managed to regain full mobility and flexibility in the joint and it still caused me some pain.   I attend Nick Cheang's tai chi sessions and during a session Nick noticed that my arm was rather stiff and gave my shoulder a quick treatment.  Nick's method was non-invasive and very gentle.  There was a feeling of warmth and I was amazed how much my muscles relaxed. For sometime after (about three days) I had more mobility in my arm. I have had three short treatments  (3 to 4 minutes) to help relax my shoulder and even in such a short time Nick's methods have been able to give me more movement and less pain. I  am looking forward to having a full treatment very soon".

 - Anna Conway, Abington, Northampton


These three screenshots are positive anonymous feedback from our 2015 Groupon campaign:

Positive Feeback from Groupon Massage campaign
Positive Feeback from Groupon Massage campaign
Positive Feeback from Groupon Massage campaign
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