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Deeper Being Meditation Tai Chi Massage

Mindfulness   Meditation   Tai Chi  Northampton

Face to face and Online classes

Ongoing guidance, support and mentoring for all levels


Heal    Relax    Rehabilitate

Holistic Massage Therapies

for physical and/or emotional injuries and illnesses

Deeper Being Meditation Tai Chi Massage
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 natural open, alert

practiced by all cultures

 genuine and without deception 

self acceptance and unconditional friendliness

creates stability and mental strength allowing us to go further




Meditation is the natural resting state of the mind. It is open and alert. It has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the world. It does not belong to any one religion or culture. It has many benefits and can be experienced by anyone regardless of race, gender or age. Through regular practice we learn to become more genuine and to live without deception. We learn to accept ourselves more fully and develop an unconditional friendliness towards ourselves and the world around.This creates a sense of stability and mental strength which in turn allows us to open and let go more.



Tai Chi Chuan










Tai Chi Chuan has amazing effects on your health. It can bring about rapid self development and brand new perspectives on life. It is a powerful study of internal energy, a philosphy and wisdom, a health exercise, a potent method of self defence, a rehab system and more. 

Recommended for all sorts of health issues, it uncovers gaps and weaknesses in mind, body and spirit and turns them into strengths. Used for centuries to produce the strongest and most knowledgeable warriors in China, the art is brought to Deeper Being by Nick Cheang, the Lead Representative for the Master Ding Academy Midlands region.

Tai Chi Northampton

Massage Therapy


And Rehab


We offer Tai Chi Massage, Swedish Body Massage, Thai Compress Massage, Indian Head Massage, Spirit Guided Massage, Chi Alignment/Healing, Mobility Rehab and Reiki. Each has it's own distinct approach and benefits. Tai Chi Massage, Chi Healing, Spirit Guided and Reiki use merging and listening energy to encourage changes to occur in your mind/body and meridian system and is done fully clothed, whereas Swedish Body Massage emphasises stimulating the cardivascular system and lymphatic system, Thai Compress Massage uses hot herbal compresses to purify and relax the system and Indian Head Massage works on mainly on head, neck and shoulders. Click here for testimonials.

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