Thai Hot Compress Massage


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This type of massage is very well known and used in East Asia and is fast gaining popularity in the West. Tightly rolled balls of traditional healing herbs are wrapped in cloth and heated in a steamer. They are then used to massage the whole body along the energy pathways of the body (SEN lines) as defined by Thai internal energy traditions. Deeply relaxing and re-energising, many people report a sense of purification.

Swedish Massage


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Swedish massage therapy is the best known type of bodywork in the world. It aims to relax the whole body by using various techniques that rub the muscles in the direction that blood naturally flows back to the heart. Various clinical studies have proved the benefit of swedish massage to increase oxygen levels, improve circulation, improve flexibility and reduce stress, thereby improving mood. It has also been shown to improve musculoskeletal problems for a considerable period of time.


Holistic Therapy Centre Prices

Tai Chi massage therapy £48

Swedish full body massage £38

Reiki 1 hour £38

Swedish body back massage £23

Indian Head Massage £23

Thai herbal compress massage full body £48

(discounts for more than one booking - ring or email for latest offers)

Meditation & Tai Chi Classes

£9 single class / £34 monthly

£60 monthly for 2 classses per week

£20 single advanced 3hr class / £65 monthly

£80 monthly for unlimited classes

£45 per hour for private sessions

Concessions for the meditation classes are available by prior arrangement please contact us to discuss your situation.

Indian Head Massage


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Indian head massage is based on ancient Ayurvedic texts dating back 4000 years. It was an integral part of family life in India and passed on from mother to daughter from around the age of 6.

A treatment includes head and hair massage, upper back, neck and shoulders. It can help relieve stress and tension in the neck and shoulders and balance the body's energy centres (Chakras), which gives a sense of complete emotional and physical wellbeing.

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