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Chi Alignment/Healing Therapy

Many healing systems theorise that if your bones are in the right place, the tissues and energy flow corrects itself. Others theorise that if you correct the tissues, energy flow and bone alignment will improve. Still others say that if you correct the energy flow, the soft tissues and bones will realign. This energy, tissues, bones triangle is a truth of healing, which is why all systems produce results. Examples of systems specialising in bone alignment would be Osteopathy or Chiropractic, soft tissues would be exemplified by systems such as Swedish Massage or Physiotherapy and finally energy systems would be more along the lines of Acupuncture or Reiki. Normally, though, whether consciously or unconsciously, systems tend to blend different elements of balancing the bones, soft tissues or energy ('Chi flow'). Examples systems positively acknowledging all sides of the triangle might be Shiatsu or Tui Na or Tai Chi Massage.

Chi Alignment Therapy also recognises the triangle, but adheres to subtle motions and sensing, often creating powerful effect. It uses gentle merging contact from the therapist, combined with almost imperceptible and subtle kinetic motion and energetic intent (Yi) to open the energy channels, influence the soft tissues to relax and softly request the bones to realign and unknot themselves.

The process is often perceived as peaceful and relaxing, releasing the knots of the mind as much as the body, allowing one feelings of freshness and renewal.


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