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Spirit Guided Therapy

This is one of the oldest ways in which humans helped each other. The village healer or shaman would act as the bridge between awake dream word, asleep dream world, the perceived energy of nature, that which we can perceive and see, and that which remains beyond perception and

remains unseen. Working with it all, in safety and with confidence, the Shaman walks unafraid of what arises. The Shaman fights on your behalf, dispelling influences affecting one's health and harmony as well as working directly on the body's issues with healing touch and massage. It can feel like being blessed.

In modern terms, aside from the physical benefits of massage, being with someone you trust and how sound effects mind and body, one may interpret the experiences as letting the client process their caught up experiences by linking and bridging their conscious, pre-conscious and unconscious, utilising trance states, dream states, synesthesia, elements of hypnosis, meditative states and so on. Yet even with such grounded explanation, what remains undeniable is that the orchestrated stimulation of sight, sound, touch, massage, vibration and rhythm with empathic sharing is very powerful, even if you don't quite get how it's working.


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