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Mobility Rehab

Nick Cheang uses his Central Movement Model (CMM), derived from the central principles of authentic, traditional Yang Style Tai Chi to help those whose mobility issues are too profound to participate in group or private Tai Chi sessions.

With CMM Nick will assess your situation and prescribe tailored mind/body movement training that will activate and strengthen movement pathways, improving your sitting, standing, walking, speaking, usage of arms and legs and so on.

CMM cuts straight through to what makes authentic Tai Chi work and uses the profound knowledge in a targeted way according to the specific mobility and/or rehab issues you are encountering. It can complement and interface well with all other rehab and/or advice you are receiving such as physiotherapy, counselling, massage therapy, specialist rehab and occupational therapy.

Previous and existing clients of Nick have been sufferers of cerebral palsy, strokes, various degrees of locked in syndrome and other neurological disorders.

Sessions are available in person or, depending on the nature of help required, can also be delivered over Zoom (Internationally).

Sessions held in person allow the expression, modelling and strengthening of the Central Movement Pattern to be more easily transmitted through feeling and direct testing.

Standard session lengths are 45 minutes.


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