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Welcome to Deeper Being

Northampton based wellbeing group
offering excellence in mind & body training
and holistic therapies

We offer weekly drop-in meditation classes in Northampton, teaching mindfulness, compassion and Buddhist Philosophy. We also run 8-week BAMBA accredited mindfulness courses, compassion courses, meditation retreats, public talks, private one to one training and mentoring, corporate activities and more. Click here for further information.

Tai Chi Chuan has amazing effects on your health. It can bring about rapid self development and brand new perspectives on life. It is a powerful study of internal energy, a philosphy and wisdom, a health exercise, a potent method of self defence, a rehab system and more. 

Recommended for all sorts of health issues, it uncovers gaps and weaknesses in mind, body and spirit and turns them into strengths. Used for centuries to produce the strongest and most knowledgeable martial artists in China, the art is brought to Deeper Being by Nick Cheang, the Lead Representative for the Master Ding Academy Midlands region, covering Northampton and beyond.


From our therapy room in Northampton, we offer Tai Chi Massage, Reiki Infused Massage, Thai Hot Compress Massage, Indian Head Massage, Spirit Guided Massage, Chi Alignment/HealingMobility Rehab and Reiki. Each therapy has it's own distinct approach and benefits. Tai Chi Massage, Chi Healing, Spirit Guided and Reiki use merging and listening energy to encourage changes to occur in your mind/body and meridian system and is done fully clothed, whereas our Reiki Infused Massages combine stimulating the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems with energetic healing. Thai Hot Compress Massage uses hot herbal compresses to purify and relax the system and Indian Head Massage works on mainly on head, neck and shoulders. Click here to find out more and to request a booking.

Deeper Being

Rachael & Nick are a husband and wife team who have a deep commitment to provide a warm, compassionate and inclusive environment for anyone who wants to connect on a deeper level with themselves and others. They have both been fortunate enough to train with some of the world's most accomplished teachers and wish to share the benefits of their decades of training with as many beings as possible. Whether you are interested in learning the art of meditation or tai chi, or finding balance and healing through one of the many holistic therapies being offered, you will leave feeling more connected, whole and deeply nourished. Click the links to find out more about us or to read some of the things people have said about what we offer.

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